Pull Up a Chair to Our Chef’s Table


You walk up to the hostess stand with your friends and family and give the name on your reservation. Intriguingly, she doesn’t grab any menus before saying, “Right this way.” You and your party follow her out of the Enoteca to the dining room…then past the dining room and right into the Rezaz kitchen. “Welcome to the Chef’s Table!”

Why, wine and dine by the line?

Chef’s tables have been around for centuries, but they weren’t always open to the public. They began as a way for busy chefs, who often spend nearly every waking minute at their restaurant, to enjoy a meal with their spouses and children—while still keeping tabs on their kitchen’s goings-on.

Food has always been a family affair in Mediterranean kitchens in particular, so we’re thrilled to continue this tradition at Rezaz. Except today, the seats aren’t just for our chefs’ family members, they’re for our family at large: our staff and you.

Before you arrive, we use the Chef’s Table for a “family meal” with our servers, to discuss the day’s specials, chat, and catch up—to share a deep breath before the dinner rush begins. Then, everyone gets to work feeding our loved ones, our customers who dine in the dining room and who dine beside the line.


While you can expect great service and delicious dishes, drinks, and desserts no matter which table you choose at Rezaz, when you reserve our in-kitchen Chef’s Table, you’re also guaranteed:

Five surprise courses. You don’t need menus, because our chefs will prepare a five-dish feast just for you and your guests. When you make a reservation, our staff will pick your brain about your party’s likes and dislikes and any dietary restrictions. Then, we’ll craft a tasting menu to your personal, well, tastes—to be revealed course by course throughout the night. Oenophile? We also offer wine pairings upon request; before you get here, our chefs and bartenders will, ahem, pair up to pick the perfect vintages.

To be pampered under a “pandelier.” With five courses to enjoy, a meal at the Chef’s Table is a leisurely time. Plan to spend two to three hours with us in our kitchen, during which you’ll never be left with an empty glass or bottle. And don’t forget to look up! The table is right under our “pandelier,” a magnificent metal sculpture created from the sauté pans used during the restaurant’s first decade in business.

A seat in the heat. Don’t worry, we don’t mean you’ll be sweating. Rather, you’ll get to see the action of a working restaurant up close. But don’t expect screaming and yelling, pans flying—fires, literally and figuratively. We’re not Hell’s Kitchen, and we’re proud of it. We don’t think cooking should be dramatic and stressful. Our chefs have fun in the kitchen, and they look forward to sharing the joy of food—to laughing and connecting—with you.

The Chef’s Table is available nightly and can host up to 12 guests. To learn more or reserve seats, visit rezaz.com/chefs-table or call (828) 277-1510.