Let’s Get Seasonal: Meet Our New Winter Menu


At Rezaz, our menus are driven by the seasons, changing four—sometimes five—times a year to reflect the current harvest. That means you get the freshest produce in dishes designed for the times. 

In summer, for example, that’s bites that are cool and light. Come this time of year, it’s plates that are warming and comforting. 

To achieve these shifts requires more than just different ingredients: We change our techniques, too, incorporating approaches like braising and roasting in these cooler months. 

Join us for lunch or dinner today to check out the following scrumptious seasonal swaps…

Fresh tomatoes for dried fruits: This summer, our salads were all about fresh ‘maters. But even our salatas get a hearty makeover for the winter. Enjoy our new Syrian Salad, which features shaved kale with dried dates and pomegranate seeds, along with roasted chickpeas and cauliflower. Or try the Red Beet Sabich, which pairs the seasonal root veggie with frisee, as well as eggplant, a slow-cooked egg, and grilled pita; it all gets topped with lemon tahini and our green harissa—think a Mediterranean salsa verde!

Pulled for stewed: We’ve taken our summer pulled pork dish off its room-temperature lentil salad and changed, aka heated, it up a bit. It’s now Maltese Pork Loin: a pork tenderloin served atop a Malta-style braised pork-shoulder stew, with carrots and celery, red wine, green olives, white beans, and eggplant.

Sweet corn for sweet squash: Our summer corn, spinach, and mushroom ravioli dish was a big hit, and we know the new Roasted Butternut Ravioli will be, too. The agnolotti is all made by hand, in-house, and features a sage Florentine sauce, which is much like an Alfredo. It’s topped with a gingersnap crumble and goat Parmesan—yes, goat Parm! This season, our local supplier Round Mountain Creamery, sold us a wheel of five-year-aged goat cheese that’s taken on the texture and flavor of Parmesan—with more of a tang. It’s a real treat, so we’re sprinkling just a bit over top of this dish.

Basil for cinnamon and cardamom: Out are summer’s distinct flavors and in are those that say, nay scream, holidays. Taste them especially in our Pumpkin Tiramisu, a coffee- and Marsala-wine-soaked sponge served atop a housemade pumpkin jam simmered with sugar and warming seasonal spices, and in our Maple-Ginger Crème Brûlée, served with a sweet-potato cookie. They’re in our seasonal drink, too, a wassail passed down from generation to generation in our executive pastry chef’s family. The recipe features clove predominately. It simmers away in our slow cooker all day and perfumes the restaurant—we happen to think a waft of winter wassail compliments any meal. Plus, what warms you up quicker than rum or bourbon? 

But wait, there’s more! We’re excited to come up with decadent specials for this holiday season. Be on the lookout for bone-in ribeyes, black grouper, and other luxurious options daily. Of course, Rezaz favorites like falafel and paella never go out of season, so enjoy these dishes this winter, too. 

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